ZW3D 2014 Premium

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ZW3D Premium includes all design and manufacturing modules for those who need a CAD program without compromise. This edition includes:

  • Advanced Modeling
  • Mounting Design and validation with animation
  • Reverse engineering and point cloud
  • Sheet Metal Construction
  • Complete details
  • Geometry Correction and model repair
  • All mold and die tools
  • Rendering and present visualization
  • Support for all import and export formats
  • Automatic milling cycles
  • Automated drilling
  • All 2-3 axis CAM modules, including QuickMill HSM, solid control and postprocessors.
  • Show-n-Tell ™ – a virtual 3D book (tutorials & authoring tools)

ZW3D Premium package shows hybrid modeling and CAM integration at its best in a single configuration. Changes to the design and manufacturing information provides good productivity when used together in this innovative product. ZW3D Premium is an all-inclusive package which alone provides a complete CAD / CAM solution.

Standalone : Downloaded file that is installed on your computer. You get the key to unlock. The license can only be used on one computer.

Network : The program can be installed on multiple computers and the system unlocks automatically.

Upgrade : Upgrade from Version 2013.